The Interview Horror

It’s the thing i want to talk about because seriously, i have been to many of them but none of them turned out to be good except for the one, where i was settled for 6500 bucks a month and that’s too for Ages in Noida. Yes it’s a call centre and the good thing i did at that time was i didn’t joined it.I really don’t call it a mistake because since then i have been doing them on regular basis.


That’s how i look to interview’s

A stone which stops me every time from being employee was, is and alway’s will be Introduce Yourself. This question itself has sucked my life, i find  myself sooo dumb at this, that the interviewer okay, hmm,then,yes sounds me longer than the length of what i have prepared about myself. And just after this whole mess a bit of awkward silence between us. And there was an another question waiting for me to ask which was tell me something more and  i was like hmmm……………….. .and a bit of silence for some more time.

I just hate that moment when we came out of interview area and everybody is watching you like what would have happened wih you inside and asking you,this and then and you have to pretend like everything is good and its fine, and nothing to worry , cool.

And now  the time comes when this long silence brokes away and  a gorgeous lady enters with long heels and a huge smile which is usually enough to make your heartbeat go faster and suddenly it just take two minutes to pronounce our names like winners and says thank you for coming, you can leave now.