Preparing for a Perfect Interview Candidate

Interviews are bitter truth that’s exactly why they’re  hard to swallow at once. I wonder how many times i’d that embarrassment with me but to be certain it is actually much more than the number of times i h’v appeared for the interviews. No it doesn’t mean i am a loser okay but yes, it really means that how awkward i’m with interviews.

But really what can be a good reason for all such times, was it like i wasn’t properly prepared for the roles they had to offer me, was it because of my informal dress up, or i wasn’t able to convince them that i have a positive attitude and i can take up the challenges and responsibilities for the job, or was it like that i hadn’t greeted them well before or after, or my hobbies were inappropriate yeah okay sudoku can be that terrible but what is the problem with Looping, i love doing it, but who knows better then THE INTERVIEWER and “I would like to say Thank you and Have a nice Day sir.”

May be all of the reasons can be true but i have a beautiful heart and i love to eat curd. Does it can do a fair trade for the roles and responsibility or my professional skills or my enthusiasm towards the job only, if he knows  the difference between Mathdoku and Sudoku. Yeah, I know i am not good at interviews but i am kind of tired and sucked with all these processes, i don’t understand what is the right thing to do for now, probably i should go and buy some fresh curd.

Hey guys i would love to hear suggestions from you.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!