Now it’s  time to capture  my thought’s around the one word Blanket. Well this is my challenge of the day. Seriously if the WordPress couldn’t have  reached in my way i would have died doing nothing. I usually see that most of the bloggers engage themselves in so much of activity around them that each day they have the whole new book  ready to be published on their blogs.

I wonder they must be rich like they have plenty of blankets and each blanket say a different story i know that’s how things work. Okay, no need to worry about it i only have one blanket and it will say it all.

I was rolling through some pictures to just pick one good Bed and a Blanket and i got one. Anyway, I realize that when i was a kid i didn’t made a fight for my personal pillow, blanket or a quilt. It is because i didn’t made a choice not for only these things but all other our things. It is for sure that  i was a terrible kid.

Do you have feelings for your Blanket ??

You would know the answer if you ever had a horrible dream or  seen a witch surrounds you or someone is holding round shots on you while you  are still sleeping or a person coming near to stab you with a knife, and  the only shield we had was the blanket to save you from the Evils and the Demons. No i never had such dreams in my sleep, most of the times i never had a dream or even if i had the dream i got killed before anybody can come and protect me from rest of the world.

I must say that sometimes we develop a kind of affection with our belongings that we feel they are made for us. Even i have a feeling for my Rubik Cube, i think it is a part of me and i feel like connected to it. I am sure everyone has something special it may be your Pillow, a chair, pair of goggles it can be anything.

Please let me know if you have the similar experiences and i will be happy to know from you.