Today is a horrible day in the the history of my previous blogs. I mean Oh My God, i barely have a single idea of this word “Perfume”, this is insane. How could i not think of perfume ever before, probably i must focus on the important things in the first place and rest of the resume writing afterwards.

“We are never too late to get the things done”

Perfume is a liquid that gives people, things and rooms a good smell. Googled it. But why do we need that? Yeah, because everybody has to smell good, look good and feel good, each and every day, for no other reason than making a good impression on others as well as on ourselves.


It is just about freshness and fragrance

This picture is just amazing a girl, tiny drops of rain, watery road, umbrella’s and who cares.

Can you imagine a world, afraid to say this but yes without Perfume?

I can think of traumas, headaches, pain, agony, aggression and sweat and sweat and sweat. Feelings of swords, guns, and wars did crossed my mind once but okay no hard feelings for a smell and a lot of it.

How are you  doing guys? Good. I’m doing good too. Thanks, this was my today’s one word prompt challenge “Perfume”. Hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Sunday’s!!