A working schedule is highly recommended and appreciated all over the places, people are loading themselves with work to get a busy life. And when you tend to have a busy life, believe me everything is just counted. I mean you grab a pen from a drawer, took a note on your diary and put […]

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200 – 300

It’s been 10 days since i posted my last blog. I really don’t understand this writing world very well. Still trying to get a good stuff out of it. People getting the hell out of their writing skills. No doubts, they are absolutely wonderful and amazing peoples. As a matter of fact, I see myself […]

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73 of 100

The other day i was looking for some content to write a new blog, and i tell you whenever i think of taking something seriously and try to concentrate on the web pages, these pop up windows comes straight up on my face, and believe me they will suck your blood until and unless you […]

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Now, when we are in this world of WordPress, there is much of writing going on. Thousands of words are carved each day, they can be same, but tells a complete different story on each different blog. I wonder how things were different when these resources were not available. There were books, novels, articles, magazines, comics and only a […]

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