Now, when we are in this world of WordPress, there is much of writing going on. Thousands of words are carved each day, they can be same, but tells a complete different story on each different blog. I wonder how things were different when these resources were not available. There were books, novels, articles, magazines, comics and only a handful of people can write them. Really, who would’ve thought that a millions of writers are eagerly waiting to express themselves and are happy to share every, how and then, moments of their life. This is something huge, huge enough to share even their “None” moments. But really technology has stepped us far ahead of time and writing has evolved into a giant world of itself.

I tried to figure out some picture which really can help me understand “none”. And i end up picking this one because only a “none” would know what a “none” to be like.

This word is so alone in itself that i can’t even risk my Multiple Choice Questions on the basis of it. I think “something” is better than a “None” , good thing is at least you can say something but you can’t say none, why ? because it’s a None. Yeah, i know none of this actually matters but we have to say none.

This challenge has completed in some way, i feel like my capabilities are reduced to none, but don’t worry it’s none of the serious matter i will figure it out somehow. That’s it, this was my one word prompt challenge for Today. I hope you will like it and please notify me if you like it and you can also share your views, just comment down below and i will be happy to see you there.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!