73 of 100

The other day i was looking for some content to write a new blog, and i tell you whenever i think of taking something seriously and try to concentrate on the web pages, these pop up windows comes straight up on my face, and believe me they will suck your blood until and unless you gave up on that particular page.

Struggling to close these popup windows, i figured out there is this one random creativity quiz comes up, i decided not to take it  and tried to close it, nobody can push me to do any sort of quiz except these HTML links they are everywhere, i tried to close it and the next moment i was on it. Yeah you did it one crazy guy, I am on this page.

Creativity or Just a matter of Perception

“I wonder”, yes, creativity starts just with these two words. The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

How often you wonder or think or have some ideas with you?


Still wondering how i got stuck with this crazy quiz, So it says how creative are you? Really, i am very creative. I am telling you i can be not good with studying, reading, cooking and you can go on with the list and  i am just  not good. How come i’m not good at anything? Anyways, I realized how amazing i am when i got this incredible score , i quickly looked up to open my other tab on the web browser and typed “CREATIVE” on google. No matter what, it says, i just got 73 OUT OF 100.

Have you ever faced the similar experiences, i would be happy if you can share with me and notify me if u liked it.

Thanks!! Have a nice day.