200 – 300

It’s been 10 days since i posted my last blog. I really don’t understand this writing world very well. Still trying to get a good stuff out of it. People getting the hell out of their writing skills. No doubts, they are absolutely wonderful and amazing peoples. As a matter of fact, I see myself as a reduced man, not really, but my heights to writing somewhere stuck in jealousy. How can everybody be so PARAGRAPHS ? Hey, why don’t you guys take some rest and go get some other work done. There must be some important stuff going on out there, don’t do a lot of bullet marks ma’m, you can do it later just go and “Embrace the Nature”. I see pictures and read other blogs and see pictures and some more blog and realize that nothing is happening with me at all, the only thing which counts and getting stronger each day are my  drafts, they are getting bigger. I have drafts like a big cluster of it. Some even don’t have any “Title” and others just say “Enter title here”.Only Inspiration these days are short posts and posts which include more of pictures.

“Hard work is the key to Success”. Hey, have you ever tried to realize or feel any of the “Quotes” ? I think it’s just an amazing feeling to know the facts.

I wonder, how long my essays used to be, but I never ever crossed the word limits.It is because i could never made it to the word limits. But I never underestimated myself except the time when i got compartment in seventh standard. Yeah, hard times but really life has spanned between 200 to 300.

This time i decide my goal to be 320. And I promise, One day I will make it to 500. Ahh, finally i understood the concept of Short Term and Long Term Goals. It’s so easy short term goals are short and long term goals are long, i mean really long.

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14 thoughts on “200 – 300

  1. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others – I know, since I do it all the time too! *grin*

    I found having a topic (writing, photography) and a schedule (Foto Fridays) really helped to get me on track. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi,
    Nice to meet you. I met you at Big Up Your Blog. I help bloggers at my site deal with these issues. I’ve written about how to write Long-form Content– 2,000 words. I, too, have fought the monster called “jealousy” and struggled to make my posts longer. This is why I help other people climb those hurdles now. We have all been there.

  3. I think what speaks to you most should be the subject of your writing. We have all had days where we can’t think of something to write about. Personally, if I’m not engaged with the subject, it bores me to write about it. Also, it’s harder for me to write serious topics, unless they are highly personal (the death of my father, for example has promoted several stories in losing him and in memory.) I don’t think too hard about word count except that I tend to go on and on at times. (Here, for example.) Find your ‘sweet spot’ by writing about something you love and stop when you’ve said what you wanted to say and that will be words enough.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate your kind thoughts.Don’t get me wrong but here i tried to speak out my flaws in my own humorous way.I believe that my writing can be a reason for having a good time for others. I find out that People are so amazing here, and i have a positive response from them. I am sorry for your loss but i have a strong feeling that you must be a courageous lady. It’s a Pleasure meeting you.

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