Short Conversation

Lady; Hi Mohit, how you doing?

Me; I am doing good. Thanks !! How you doing?

Lady; I am fine. So would you talk about yourself a little or why don’t you tell others how is your journey so far?

Me; I started my career through some interviews with Call Center. And I guess it didn’t went well. I re-organised my thoughts and went on for some auditions to Modelling and Acting. But Unfortunately, it also didn’t went well. I thought of why not give a chance for Stand  Up Comedian and applied for the same but they rejected my Application for some reason. Enough time passes and i realize how about having a YouTube channel, i desperately took it and recorded and uploaded a Video on my channel and for some other reasons it didn’t went well. Finally, i decided to be a content writer.

Lady; Even i started my career as a Content Writer. Life has Ups and Downs and this is a fact, it is as simple as that.

Me; Yeah, but i was saying like even it didn’t went well.

Lady; Mohit i tell you what; I always dream to be a Anchor. And believe me i had some serious struggles with in me and out with the society. All it takes is, what is needed to be taken. So all i can say is “Never give up. Today is hard, Tomorrow will be worse but the day after Tomorrow will be Sunshine”.

Me; Yes you are absolutely right. I really consider this fact, Ahh but just for the sake of similarity: Did you ever feel like a reduced women i mean during your struggle time.

Lady; Do you really want to know this; Seriously. I didn’t find it a Question. What’s up with you now, How is it going?

Me; Probably a month ago, i started working on this Blog ”Delight Times”. It really did well for quite a few post but for some reason, like it went around 20 days and i haven’t posted a single blog. Life has been a One Big Potato, you peel it, cut into halves and boil it and all you can make is Sandwiches.

Lady; Here is a thing Mohit, Just mark my words; Compassion, Passion and Attitude are some of the key attributes that makes you stiff and rigid, no matter what comes in your way. I often prefer to be compassionate more than any other thing but for some reason “You are a little Dumb Master Piece” and for some other reasons this conversation has completed in some way.

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6 thoughts on “Short Conversation

  1. Mohit, this is such a cool little story! Am I correct in guessing that the Lady is your muse? Regardless, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you write more entries like this!

    1. Yes Traci you are very right, it is dual nature of my Personality that speaks, and she is an inspiration to me same as your comments which has always been Inspiration to me. I am glad you like it. 🙂

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