Short Conversation

Lady; Hi Mohit, how you doing?

Me; I am doing good. Thanks !! How you doing?

Lady; I am fine. So would you talk about yourself a little or why don’t you tell others how is your journey so far?

Me; I started my career through some interviews with Call Center. And I guess it didn’t went well. I re-organised my thoughts and went on for some auditions to Modelling and Acting. But Unfortunately, it also didn’t went well. I thought of why not give a chance for Stand  Up Comedian and applied for the same but they rejected my Application for some reason. Enough time passes and i realize how about having a YouTube channel, i desperately took it and recorded and uploaded a Video on my channel and for some other reasons it didn’t went well. Finally, i decided to be a content writer.

Lady; Even i started my career as a Content Writer. Life has Ups and Downs and this is a fact, it is as simple as that.

Me; Yeah, but i was saying like even it didn’t went well.

Lady; Mohit i tell you what; I always dream to be a Anchor. And believe me i had some serious struggles with in me and out with the society. All it takes is, what is needed to be taken. So all i can say is “Never give up. Today is hard, Tomorrow will be worse but the day after Tomorrow will be Sunshine”.

Me; Yes you are absolutely right. I really consider this fact, Ahh but just for the sake of similarity: Did you ever feel like a reduced women i mean during your struggle time.

Lady; Do you really want to know this; Seriously. I didn’t find it a Question. What’s up with you now, How is it going?

Me; Probably a month ago, i started working on this Blog ”Delight Times”. It really did well for quite a few post but for some reason, like it went around 20 days and i haven’t posted a single blog. Life has been a One Big Potato, you peel it, cut into halves and boil it and all you can make is Sandwiches.

Lady; Here is a thing Mohit, Just mark my words; Compassion, Passion and Attitude are some of the key attributes that makes you stiff and rigid, no matter what comes in your way. I often prefer to be compassionate more than any other thing but for some reason “You are a little Dumb Master Piece” and for some other reasons this conversation has completed in some way.

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Have a Nice Working day!!