Benefits of Ayurveda

‘Ayurveda’ is an ancient Medicare system which aims to cure the disease of its roots. Its
Sanskrit origin name (Ayurveda) suspects its very own nature i.e. ‘Knowledge of Life’. Being
originated in India and practiced for over 5000 years, it is certainly able to retain its profound
value in the mindset of people because of its natural and herbal techniques. Therapies are
typically based on herbs, minerals, and metal substances. The Philosophy lays emphasis on
its three elemental substances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (Doshas), and it also suggests that a
balance of the Doshas is highly recommended to lead a healthy mind and body. There are
several advantages going for Ayurveda treatment;-

Ayurveda focuses on the cause of disease and helps in eradicating its root cause. It regards human body as mutually responsive ailments, Therefore, it not only helps in diagnosing the unresponsive element but provides a complete solution, eradicating the health issues and
promoting wellness.
Unlike other medical Practice like Allopathic which aims to provide instant relief by hitting the disease rather than approaching the origin of the disease. Ayurveda works out with our natural healing mechanism to restore the health and thereby creating a natural balance in the
body. It deals with proper intake of food, healthy lifestyle and spiritual

aspect of life while approaching for the treatment.
Ayurvedic medicines are comprised of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are 100 %
Natural and with no side effects. They are highly enriched with vitamins, mineral oil and
fiber necessary for the proper growth and betterment of body organic mechanism. There is a
saying “An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”, assume like one day suddenly you intake three
apples. What would happen to you? ……Certainly, it wouldn’t harm you, that’s the beauty of
natural fruits. They preserve and enhance the organic growth and yield a highly efficient
human body. That’s what fruits do to us.
Depression, Stress, and Anger are newly prevailing diseases found in the human society,
nowadays. WHO reveals in his recent studies that over five crore Indians suffered from
depression in 2015, and a major contribution to suicides are the victims of depression and
anxiety disorder. Ayurvedic medicine helps lower stress and anxiety. There must be at least
one member of every family who is a victim of blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol or any of
these widely spreading diseases.  Ayurveda not only helps lowers Blood Pressure and
Cholesterol level but at a certain level it acts as a substitute for malnourished and
undernourished individuals.