Delhi Climate Issues

Some past 25 years back, humans were evolving with respect to changing climate around them. But In the recent years, human civilization has shown an exponential change with rapid advancement in Science and Technology, we are creating hi-tech machinery to serve the needs but on the other hand, we are cutting off ourselves from our Natural resources. We are disturbing the environmental and ecological balance with such a high pace that we will be left with limited resources and we will not be able to restore them back.

Delhi which has been in the news for its extreme high pollution level for past two years and It has a very devastating health effect on lives of people. Currently, the Air quality index had hit severely with a value of 448, forcing the government to shut school for rest of the week.

Climate change is directly linked to human activity.  Huge emission of toxic gases into the environment by industrial chimney’s, motor engine and other resources not only degrades the air quality but also causes the temperature to rise.

According to a scientific report, Global warming is a phenomenon which is happening on this planet a long way back probably 100 or 1000 years. Despite the fact that there were no such human activities leading to exploitation of ecological balance, however, it was there due to natural imbalance. But certainly today in order to achieve economic supremacy and industrial feasibility we are sacrificing our natural resources and making the Global warming an invincible threat to the planet.