Preparing for a Perfect Interview Candidate

Interviews are bitter truth that’s exactly why they’re  hard to swallow at once. I wonder how many times i’d that embarrassment with me but to be certain it is actually much more than the number of times i h’v appeared for the interviews. No it doesn’t mean i am a loser okay but yes, it […]

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Always Skipped “Avid”

Is this the right time to come up with the mistakes that has been made in the past due to some silly reason. I think, Yes because we are never too late to learn some good stuff, that’s it i am going to find the meaning on google and add a little sticky note to […]

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The Interview Horror

It’s the thing i want to talk about because seriously, i have been to many of them but none of them turned out to be good except for the one, where i was settled for 6500 bucks a month and that’s too for Ages in Noida. Yes it’s a call centre and the good thing […]

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